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Data Security Services
We noticed an issue with secure data destruction. They come, pick up your data, load it into a truck, and drive accross town, or sometimes even out of state, and then destroy the data. The issue with that might not be apparent at first, and it wasn't to us either. After we thought about it, we realized that between when your private data is picked up to when it is destroyed, a lot of time passes. A lot of time for something to be stolen or leaked.
We sought out to solve this issue by extending our Panopticon security program to close that time and security gap.
We offer a variety of levels of data destruction, from securely shredding paper, to completely melting storage media.
Tier 0
  • Confidential item destruction
Tier 1
  • Full system wipe
  • Optional OS reinstall
Tier 2
  • Full system wipe
  • Optional OS reinstall
  • Storage medium replacement
Tier 3
  • Full system wipe
  • Optional OS reinstall
  • Hardware destruction
  • Storage medium destruction
Need something that isn't listed but falls under this type of service? Contact us and we will see what we can do for you.
Unknown Technology Solutions is not only commited to security, but we are also to recycling and reducing our waste.
Anything that we destroy that is able to be recycled, will be recycled. This may sound insecure or dangerous, but before we recycle anything, we completly remove all traces of any information. All paper waste is cleaned and is pulped, any melted down storage media is cast into "muffins" and recycled, and all solid state media has its flash completely destroyed. If a storage medium is cleaned and still functional (Such as a HDD or SSD), it may be refurbished and sold if the customer allows.
For more information or to request a quote, contact us at [email protected]